How to add your existing Solution to GitHub from Visual Studio 2013

Please follow the below steps to add your existing Solution to GitHub from Visual Studio 2013 –

  1. Open the solution in Visual Studio 2013
  2. Select File | Add to Source Control
  3. Select the Microsoft Git Provider

That creates a local GIT repository

  1. Surf to GitHub
  2. Create a new repository DO NOT SELECT Initialize this repository with a README

That creates an empty repository with no Master branch

  1. Once created open the repository and copy the URL (it’s on the right of the screen in the current version)
  2. Go back to Visual Studio
    • Make sure you have the Microsoft Git Provider selected under Tools/Options/Source Control/Plug-in Selection
  3. Open Team Explorer
  4. Select Home | Unsynced Commits
  5. Enter the GitHub URL into the yellow box (use HTTPS URL, not the default shown SSH one)
  6. Click Publish
  7. Select Home | Changes
  8. Add a Commit comment
  9. Select Commit and Push from the drop down

Your solution is now in GitHub

There are many ways to do this approach however the another way is as below-

  • Open your project in Visual Studio
  • File> Add to source control
  • Open Team Explorer, click on Home button, proceed to “Sync” and there you’d find the “Publish to GitHub“. Click on “Get Started
  • Type title of your repository and description (optionally).
  • Click on “Publish

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